Flow Meter


Heat plants and boiler houses

Among our regular clients are hundreds of large heating plants and boiler-houses in all regions of Ukraine and many other countries. Replacement of the outdated or imperfect equipment by the outdated modern and versatile SEMPAL equipment for control and regulation allows to provide a really high -precision and reliable commercial accounting of heat. Sometimes our devices have a payback period of 7-10 days from the moment of their to installation because each percentage of error in measuring such an expensive resource as the thermal energy leads to huge losses amounting to tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Water Stations

Currently, devices SVTU-l0M in water-meter mode, successfully operated on hundreds of water stations in different countries. Thus, in 2008 three water meters SVTU-l0M with nominal bore diameter of 1000 mm have been installed in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). These devices are used to account for water from the river Neva at the enterprise Lenvodokanal. To date, many water stations already knew the high reliability and accuracy of water meters "SEMPAL", which results to significant savings in cash resources.

Housing, office and public buildings

SEMPAL heat-flow meters are widely used in housing, off ice and public buildings for high precision heat and water consumption control and regulation. Thousands of our devices have been successfully operated in more than 200 cities and towns in Ukraine and other countries. Our equipment allows to create a simple and easy modern system of control and regulation for heat and water consumption. This system can cover a micro-district area or even a city. While all the necessary information from tens or hundreds apartment, office or public buildings delivered to a single dispatcher control station. To organize such dispatcher control station all that's necessary is a usual computer with installed SEMPAL Device Manager Software and modem connection with all SEMPAL meters that has a built-in modem unit.


SEMPAL heat-flow meters are effectively applied in industrial enterprises such as plants and factories for precise heat and water consumption control and regulation. The great advantage of SVTU-l0M is that a simple, easy and modern heat-water control and regulation system of any complexity on this basis can be easily created. This system can be economically beneficial if industrial enterprises have some workshops and office buildings. Using of SVTU-l0M with the built -in heat regulator allows receive such fast and effective savings of heat and water consumption that usually all costs for equipment is fully compensated for a maximum of one heating season.

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