Single Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes

Single Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes

The single girder overhead crane can be installed on traveling rails on the brackets of building pillars. This type of crane has a relatively larger capacity and can utilize space below ceiling rafters, and so a wider lifting range is assured. Guiding the path using side rollers provides smooth traveling and the girders can be designed according to the rated load and span. Moreover, the shorter overall length of the end carriage and the geared motor installation in optimum position allows for a more effective use of work space. A dual speed type crane is available for speed- controlled operations. There is also a urethane wheel type version of this crane that effectively reduces noise and vibrations in travel. It is recommended for factories near residential areas, duplex office homes and for operation at night. Running urethane wheels on the top flange of the H-beam reduces noise and vibration in travel. With these cranes it is not necessary to install a light rail, thus reducing installation costs and time Double Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes

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