We can provide you comprehensive delivery of projects and deliverables based on your turn over request. Our comprehensive service mix can be any of these fields:
> Process Integration
> PLC, Scada, DCS Control & Monitoring System
> Turnkey Design and Build
> Engineering and Design Consultancy Services
> Project Management Services
> Procurement, Outsourcing and Logistic Services
> MEP Installation, Quality Assurance and Control
> Feasibility Studies
> Tender Preparation and Consultancy
> Quantity Survey
> Commissioning Services
> Operation and Maintenance
> Facility Management
> Laboratory and Analysis Services
> Environmental Services


The full design life of any facility is dependent on proper operation and maintenance of that facility. Contractors are only worried about the warranty period while the owner has to worry about the life cycle cost of his investment. Therefore, operation and maintenance is a key factor in extending and improving the life cycle cost.

PROTEC’s owners understood the importance of operation and maintenance years ago. They have invested in a separate O&M division to focus on this service segment. Our team of service providers includes highly trained professionals that provide real solutions to the industry. We cater to the municipal and industrial markets alike by offering cost effective and reliable solutions.

We are proud to have 23 plants that we currently operate with the number of plants increasing by the day. We operate and maintain various equipment and plants, such as overhead cranes, garage shutter doors, elevators, STP’s and WTP’s. Our clients include ASHGHAL, GCC, QP and Oman Industrial Estate.

The O&M part of our business is an important strategic part of our operation. We will continue to grow our business by targeting new applications that include water filtration, reverse osmosis, sewage and industrial waste treatment as well as equipment for the oil and gas industry.

We are ready to serve the entire GCC market by providing proven solutions. Give us an opportunity to earn your business.It is a comprehensive long term service contract where Protec Technical Services undertakes complete responsibility of supply of treated water in required quantity and of desired quality at any client’s place. Right from Manpower to services to consumables is provided by Protec Technical Services and the client is free of worries.

We may cover following services:

> Sewage Treatment
> Production of drinking water (well water, surface water)
> Desalination (brackish water, sea water)
> Urban wastewater treatment
> Re-use of de-polluted urban wastewater
> Sludge recovery and treatment
> Odor management

Aspects of Operation and Maintenance applied by Protec Technical Services are:

> Assigning highly qualified staff of O&M engineers, technicians and operators.
> Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)
> Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMP)
> Preventive Maintenance Plans using CMMS software such as MAXIMO
> QC/QA for the product using high standard laboratories
> Standard Occupational Health and Safety Plans and Procedures


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PROTEC is a privately owned company established in Doha, Qatar engaged in the fields of Engineering, Supply, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of various types of equipment for the Water, Waste Water, Energy, and Industrial markets.


Head Quarters: Middle East,
Africa & CIS

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