Multi-stage flash distillation

In a multistage-flash unit, the incoming seawater passes through the heating stage(s) and is heated further in the heat recovery sections of each subsequent stage. After passing through the last heat recovery section, and before entering the first stage where flash-boiling (or flashing) occurs, the feed water is further heated in the brine heater using externally supplied steam. This raises the feed water to its highest temperature, after which it is passed through the various stages where flashing takes place. The vapor pressure in each of these stages is controlled so that the heated brine enters each chamber at the proper temperature and pressure (each lower than the preceding stage) to cause instantaneous and violent boiling/evaporation.

The freshwater is formed by condensation of the water vapor, which is collected at each stage and passed on from stage to stage in parallel with the brine. At each stage, the product water is also flash-boiled so that it can be cooled and the surplus heat recovered for preheating the feed water.

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