Modular MBBR Unit

A modular MBBR package offers the same advantages of a MBBR system in a prefabricated package.

Applications include but are not limited to; compact industrial facilities, municipal housing development, resorts and hotels, remote locations and off-shore installations.

Benefits of a modular MBBR system are that it is a comprehensive and flexible biological solution, easy to transport and install, has a small footprint and requires automatic operation.

Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) consider the economically solution for wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets as it is deliver a flexible, Low cost-effective, and easy-to-operate system with low energy consumption.

MBBR processes are an excellent solution for common wastewater applications including BOD Reduction, Nitrification, and Total Nitrogen Removal./p>

Economical very attractive, compact (Small Footprint - saves space- Low Capital Cost), Maintenance-friendly, High volume load, simply to extend, Financial savings on discharge costs &Consistent Treatment Results

Low Solids Generation, Low or No Polymer Required for with Liquid/Solids Separation

Trouble-Free, Easy to Operate, No Media Clogging & No Sludge Return

MBBR processes are based on biofilm principle and utilize the advantages of activated sludge. The core of the process is the biofilm carrier elements which are made from polyethylene with a density slightly below water carrier elements are formed in such a way that it gives a large protected surface for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture when the elements are circulated in the water. The reactor is normally filled up to 67% of the water volume with carrier elements.

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